Can I also place my order on the Esprit Online Shop for another country?

Would you like to surprise your friends or relatives living in another EU country and send them a gift via the Esprit Online Shop?
Or is your favourite style no longer available in your size or colour, but is still on the online shop of a neighbouring country?

Esprit is now making it possible for you, as a customer from an EU country, to order on the Esprit online shops of other EU countries as well.

And it’s as simple as this:
You select the styles you want and proceed to checkout. There you log in as a guest and complete the order as usual. Please note the following points:

– Enter your home address in your home country as the billing address, as usual. However, the delivery address must be an address in the country of the selected online shop.

-The shipping documents and automails will be sent to you in the respective language of the selected online shop you have selected.

– The VAT of the country in which you place the order applies.

– Since the order can only be placed as a guest order, e-points cannot be redeemed or collected, and vouchers cannot be redeemed if their use is linked to being logged in as a friend (e.g. birthday and welcome vouchers).

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