What should I do if I don’t receive my package?

Our staff and logistics partners do everything to make sure that your receive your items quickly and undamaged. Unfortunately exceptions cannot be ruled out even when you’re being really careful. So what should you do if use use the tracking link and notice a problem?
delivery-unsuccessful_hd 1. You receive a dispatch confirmation but the status still reads “The instruction data for this shipment have been provided by the sender to DHL electronically” after more than 3 days.
info_hd Solution: This suggests that your parcel wasn’t scanned when it was handed over to our logistics partner. This means that it might be in the lorry but cannot be subsequently processed. In this case please contact our customer service straight away. They will immediately release your shipment from any payment obligations and can arrange a replacement delivery upon request (only with the payment method “credit card” as well as subject to corresponding product availability).
delivery-unsuccessful_hd 2. The delivery has been at a standstill with our logistics partner for more than 3 days with no further progress.
info_hd Solution:  Your parcel has potentially been forwarded to the wrong distribution centre is now stuck there. Please contact our customer service straight away. They will immediately ask the logistics partner to investigate and put your parcel back on the right track.
Please talk to our staff about a replacement delivery if you need your items urgently.
delivery-unsuccessful_hd 3. Your parcel was delivered to a neighbour’s address but they don’t know anything about it.
info_hd Solution: It is very possible that the delivery agent has misspelt their name or address. Please report this to our customer service. Our staff will then send you a declaration of non-receipt. We can initiate investigations with our logistics partner as soon as we have received this completed declaration back from you. This helps us find out exactly where your parcel was delivered.


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