e-points vouchers

We love rewarding loyalty. That’s why you, our Esprit Friend, receive 3% of the value of your purchase credited as e-points to your Esprit Friends account. One e-point equals one cent. These can be redeemed in the online shop once you have accumulated 250 e-points – with one simple click! (1) And if you like, … Read on

Promotional codes

Your loyalty will be rewarded here too! There are regular promotions for Esprit Friends in which you’ll receive a direct discount on your order or individual items. Simply enter the voucher code in the corresponding field (1) when placing the order and click “redeem”. But don’t leave it too long: Promotions are almost always for … Read on

Can I add a voucher later on?

Yes,  provided that the order has not yet been dispatched. Login to your Friends account. Go to “My orders” (1), select the order you want (2) and you’ll see the “enter voucher” option (3). Simply enter the code and click “redeem”. (4) You’ll then get a brief overview of the value of the goods and … Read on

Where can I redeem my voucher?

You can redeem your voucher in all our stores and participating franchise stores. You can find out exactly which stores using our store finder. You’ll find symbols that show where you can redeem store vouchers (1), e-points (2) and promotional vouchers (3) under Specials&Services.

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